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Customized voice recordings for your business...

Greetings, Voice Prompts,

On-Hold Messaging, commercials and promotional videos.

Your Brand Has A Sound

Many small businesses neglect their voice-messaging believing that a basic recording by an employee will suffice without understanding the experience their customers are having when they call.

A professionally recorded message conveys the style and success of your company and ultimately determines people's impression of your business. 

Whether it's light and energizing (pet stores, daycare, amusement parks) smooth and soft (spa services, yoga studios, resorts) or corporate (law offices, tech companies, consulting firms) I've got you covered. 

Voicemail Messaging Sampler
00:00 / 01:15
Promotional Videos & Commercials
00:00 / 01:05

Stef was awesome!! She delivered the recording i needed really FAST and nailed it on the first take. I would highly recommend Stef, for voiceover and plan to work with her again in the future.

— James D


WOW! Stefani is a real professional. Not only did she deliver exactly what we were looking for, but she was easy to work with and took feedback with an amazing attitude and precision. My whole team is very impressed and I will be recommending her to my colleagues. She's the real deal: talent and professionalism.

— Shayna B


Stef's voice and tone exceeded my expectations, my voicemail has never sounded more professional. Thank you!

— Kimber K


Why Audio Brand?


How can I deliver a high quality sound and service for such a modest price? Well, it's just me. My overhead is low which is why I can price my services competitively. More on pricing HERE.



In most cases, I can deliver your recordings within four hours of your request. It will take additional time the larger the service request is but you can anticipate full delivery within 24 hours.  


If you don't have a script for me to record, no worries, I provide guidance on how to build a script for free on this site. I can also edit your script (for a minimal cost) and usher you through the whole process. More on scripts HERE.

FREE Background Music!

That's right. I'll provide background music free of charge for opening greetings.

For looping hold music there is a charge based on the specific needs of your company. 

Let's Get Started...

It's surprisingly easy.

If all you need is a Standard Greeting, click the Book Now button.

If you need On-Hold Messaging, click the Get A Quote button... 

Style & Tone Sampler

Check out some of the different tones and style I offer.

For more, check out my sample menu HERE

Light and Energetic
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Smooth & Soft
00:00 / 00:19
Sales Energy
00:00 / 00:14
Informative & Grounded
00:00 / 00:21
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