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  • Stefani Shock

On-Hold Messaging: Keeping Customers Engaged and Informed

Updated: Jan 29

On-Hold Messaging: Keeping Customers Engaged and Informed When was the last time you were put on hold during a phone call? Chances are, it wasn't the most exciting experience. But what if I told you that being on hold can actually be an opportunity to engage and inform your customers? That's where on-hold messaging comes in. At Audio Brand, we understand the importance of creating a unique and impactful moment out of something that's seemingly mundane. One of the ways we do that is through on-hold messaging. By utilizing this often overlooked feature, you can turn a potentially frustrating experience into a valuable marketing opportunity. So how can you make the most of your on-hold messaging? Here are a few examples, thoughts, and tips to consider: 1. Inform and educate: While your customers are waiting, why not provide them with useful information about your products or services? Use this time to highlight new offerings, upcoming promotions, or even share industry insights. By keeping your customers informed, you not only provide value but also showcase your expertise. 2. Showcase your brand personality: Your on-hold messaging is an extension of your brand. Use this opportunity to showcase your brand's personality and values. Whether it's through a friendly and conversational tone or a more professional and polished approach, make sure your messaging aligns with your overall brand image. 3. Keep it concise and engaging: Remember, your customers are on hold, so you want to keep their attention. Keep your on-hold messages concise and engaging. Use a mix of music, voice-over recordings, and sound design to create a dynamic and captivating experience. Consider changing up your messages regularly to keep things fresh and interesting. 4. Include a call to action: Don't let your on-hold messaging be a missed opportunity. Include a call to action in your messages to encourage customers to take the next step. Whether it's directing them to your website, inviting them to sign up for a newsletter, or offering a special promotion, make sure you give them a clear next step to take. 5. Measure and analyze: Like any marketing effort, it's important to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your on-hold messaging. Keep track of how many customers take action after hearing your messages, monitor customer feedback, and make adjustments as needed. This will help you refine your messaging and ensure it continues to resonate with your audience. At Audio Brand, we specialize in creating customized on-hold messaging that helps businesses enhance their brand presence and provide a professional and polished image. Our diverse background in theatre, vocal training, sales, and marketing allows Stef to bring a unique perspective to the audio branding industry. So the next time you put a customer on hold, remember that it's not just a waiting period. It's an opportunity to engage and inform. And with the right on-hold messaging, you can turn that opportunity into a valuable marketing tool for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our on-hold messaging services and how we can help you create a memorable audio identity for your brand.

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